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The Monet Rouen Collection

May 21, 2016 1 min read

Monet Rouen Collection

 In 1892 Claude Monet rented a studio across from Rouen Cathedral in France and set upon the task of creating a series of paintings that would capture light in its various stages over the course of days and even months. The paintings were all the same façade of Rouen Cathedral but Monet would move from canvas to canvas depending on any given lighting condition. In the end he had a series of paintings all with the same cathedral façade, but all were different given the effects of light.

Our new Rouen Collection shown above is aptly named after the cathedral paintings since they also offer the same intriguing ability to change with light. The detail in the intricate façade of Rouen is just like the texture created by the intricate weave of the bow tie. Both are able to capture light and shadow that changes their look. This very special series of bow ties is perfect for a wedding, a formal event or anytime you need to elevate your style with something truly unique!