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New Arrivals for Fall

American Made Silk bow ties self tie pre-tied


Texture is the theme with these 3 bow ties from our brand new Holland Collection. Each rectangle block is woven in a different way creating a multitude of textures capturing the light at every angle. The commanding presence of the 3 bow ties is also accentuated by their monochromatic shading making them easily pairable with all your wardrobe favorites! 

The colors are versatile, the textures are unique and for a limited time all 3 are on sale during our introductory special at $10 off each! Combine the Sale with our buy 3 get free shipping* or our buy 5 bow ties get the 6th free** plus free shipping specials and you have an fantastic deal!
October 16, 2017 by kirk hinckley

6 Brand New Reversible Bow Ties

Reversible Silk Bow Ties

Reversible bow ties are some of our most popular designs and today we bring you 6 brand new ones that are sure to please!  What makes them so popular?  It's a combination of flexibility with two looks in one and the solid satin side creates a striking contrast to the busier pattern. 
If you have not tried one of our reversible bow ties than here is your chance since we are giving you $10 off each as part of our introductory special which ends today at 11pm eastern.  Pair the $10 discounts with our buy 3 get free shipping* and our buy 5 get the 6th free** plus free shipping specials for a really special deal!
October 03, 2017 by kirk hinckley

Why wear a bow tie?

Why wear a bow tie?

Well actually we need to answer a bigger question first, why dress up at all in a world that is going more and more casual every day?  Just think back to the last gentlemen you saw who really impressed you even before you heard them speak?  What were they wearing, why did you remember them and what was so impressive.  More than likely they were well groomed and well dressed.  Wearing quality clothing and looking professional gives you an edge up on the competition. Even better, wear a bow tie to stand out from the crowd and give people a way to remember which guy had the great idea.  Even if they don’t remember your name they can easily remember the great idea came from the guy wearing a bow tie! 

Photo by @kevinchinstyle Instagram.

September 18, 2017 by kirk hinckley

New Silk Polka Dots Bow Ties

Silk Polka Dots

Today we are bringing back a few of our best selling dotted bow ties along with a new color combination we call Huckleberry. 
Dotted bow ties are hugely popular and for good reason. They are simple, colorful and provide visual impact to your wardrobe. Also, their simplicity is what makes them so easy to pair with your favorite shirts and suits. The solid background provides a large area of singular color creating impact and lastly, dots are such a staple in design that they are pleasing to the eye. Dots attract the viewer and provide a great focal point to your outfit.
September 14, 2017 by kirk hinckley

New Reversible Collection on Sale Now!

Reversible Bow Ties


Almost 25 years ago we introduced our first reversible bow tie and today we bring you 20 brand new pairings for your wearing pleasure! The idea for our new reversible bow ties is to match a fantastic pattern with a beautiful satin solid. The wearer can decide to use the solid satin for the knot or the bow providing two looks in one! The end result is a eye catching bow tie with the solid satin enhancing the design.

To celebrate the release of this eye catching array of reversible they are all on sale at $10 off each! These celebratory prices are combinable with our buy 3 get free shipping and our buy 5 get the 6th free plus free shipping specials. Limited Time Only.
July 18, 2017 by kirk hinckley

Introducing New Summer Stripes

New Stripes on Sale


There is something very professional about a striped bow tie. A stripe commands a certain level of respect for the wearer not given to someone wearing any other pattern of tie. Wear a stripe to a meeting and you will be listened to a little more closely, wear a stripe to an interview and you will look more professional, wear a stripe to teach a class and you will look more scholarly. At least that is the persona of a stripe and that is why every bow tie wearer should have at least a few stripes in their collection.

Today we introduce 3 brand new stripes that are simply marvelous for looking professional and garnering respect. Plus as an introductory special all of them are on sale at $10 off each for a limited time only! Pick up one of our new classy stripes today and see what it adds to your persona!
Somerset (top) | Norfolk (left) | Yorkshire (right)
June 24, 2017 by kirk hinckley

Introducing 18 Brand New Bow Ties!

18 New Bow Ties


We present to you 18 brand new bow ties for your viewing pleasure. Normally we introduce one design at a time, but in celebration of Memorial Day, Father’s Day and Graduation we are offering special introductory pricing on all 18 bow ties! What’s special about this event is that these new bow ties are on sale at $10 off each! That’s $10 off never before seen bows so you know the recipient does not have the design already, making them the perfect gifts! Also, you can combine the $10 off with our buy 3 get free* shipping or our buy 5 bow ties get the 6th free** plus free shipping specials. 
There is no better time to buy yourself or that special bowtier in your life a new bow tie or two. Click on the picture above or the “Shop Now” button below to be transported to bow tie headquarters where all 18 new bow ties can be viewed in all their tied, untied and clip-on glory!

If you wear made to order sizes such as a larger butterfly or a longer neckband, the time to buy is now since quantities on these special wovens is limited.
See all the new bow ties here.
May 25, 2017 by kirk hinckley

An American Made Original!

Old Glory American Flag Silk Bow Tie


We introduced our first American Flag bow tie almost 24 years ago! Today we present to you our newest rendition of the red, white and blue we call “Old Glory”! The original “Old Glory” flag was owned by a 19th-century American sea captain named William Driver who flew his American Flag he named “Old Glory” to India, Gibralter and all over the South Pacific. We thought it most appropriate to name this particular bow tie after the seafaring “Old Glory” due to the wavy stripes of red and white that resemble a flag waving in the wind, especially one at sea!

Old Glory Bow Tie

May 15, 2017 by kirk hinckley

Orbicular Splendor!

Vivid Color Circle Bow Ties for summer


Stop running around in circles trying to find a great quality bow tie at an affordable price. We have the perfect solution with our circular patterned bow ties on sale now at only $25! Each one will bring your wardrobe to life with eye catching colorful circles. A high quality American Made bow tie at only $25 is a superb deal. Pick one up today and basque in its orbicular splendor every time you wear it!

Elcano Bow Tie (Orange)  |  Pi Bow Tie (Blue)  |  Verdi Bow Tie (Green)  |  Retro Bow Tie (Red)


May 04, 2017 by kirk hinckley

Be Ready for Summer!

Floral Silk Bow Ties


We are really quite excited to introduce to you our brand new floral bow tie collection. The design works so well with its subtle flowers that become a pattern of beautiful orange, green and grey with backdrops of creamy white, black, blue or red. The pattern looks great with almost any wardrobe combination especially the summer look of seersucker or khaki! When you wear one of these floral bow ties the symbolism of the flowers works very well for Spring and Summer attire, they immediately evoke the season and puts a smile on anyone who admires your bow tie!

As tradition dictates, we are offering these 4 brand new bow ties at an introductory special price of $10 off each! This discount includes all our sizes so if you need something special ordered this is the time to do it when the inventory is at its best.
April 24, 2017 by kirk hinckley