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Classic Floret Silk Bow Ties

Blue Red Classic Silk Bow Ties


Our 2 newest classic bow ties tell a great story with their intricately woven designs so we decided to name them both after famous authors. The story they tell is one of geometry and contrast. The multiple white squares will be set off perfectly upon a crisp white pinpoint and basically pair with almost any suiting you choose. 
As tradition dictates we are offering both of these new bow ties at $10 off each one for a limited time only! Pick one or both up today and know that the centerpiece of your outfit is a quality American Made masterpiece!
March 19, 2017 by kirk hinckley

Herringbone Bow Ties Work So Well!

Why has the classic herringbone pattern stood the test of time so well? Its origin dates back to at least 500 bc when the romans used the pattern in their extensive road system. 2,500 years later the herringbone is more popular than ever! The reasons are many, but in terms of clothing the pattern is successful due to its simplicity and movement. The simple design makes it a "go with everything" type of bow tie and the zig zag creates movement that catches the eye. The sharp bi-tonal color combinations of our 4 herringbone bow ties work exceedingly well with almost any suit and shirt.

Kirk Edward Hinckley
President and Founder

March 19, 2017 by kirk hinckley

A Texas Flag Bow Tie We Call Lone Star

The Texas flag really does fit the bow tie shape perfectly, making it one of our best selling bow ties of all time! Of course shape is really only part of it, the quality of the bow tie is second to none, with a thicker silk fabric and brilliant colors making any Texan proud to wear it. Also, bow tie wearers and Texans both share the common trait of being fiercely independent making the Lone Star bow tie a fitting addition to any Texan's outfit.

Pick up your own Texas Flag bow tie today or buy one for a friend since it makes such a unique and personal gift. Even people who do not wear bow ties will find an excuse to wear this beauty! 

Kirk Edward Hinckley
Founder & President
The Bow Tie Club

March 18, 2017 by kirk hinckley

Sandra Boynton Bow Tie Collection

I have been selling bow ties for over 21 years and Sandra Boynton is easily the most significant person to ever put her name on a bow tie. Her books have sold over 65 million copies, her greeting cards over 500 million and also add 3 gold record albums to her name! She has brought smiles to literally billions of people who have seen her work and now we are incredibly privileged to have her fun loving and adorable characters grace our bow ties! The characters in her illustrations connect with people in a profound way. Boynton reminds us that the world is full of good even when it can seem so gloomy.

The Sandra Boynton Bow Tie Collection was designed by Sandra Boynton herself! We gave her the outline of a bow tie and left the rest up to her creative imagination! The finished product is truly a piece of art and bears her signature to let you know you have an authentic Boynton bow tie!

Being a world renowned children's author and illustrator, we had to have kids bow ties as well, so all designs are available for kids in pre-tied or clip-on bows. Pair a Sandra Boynton Kids Bow Tie up with an adult bow tie and you have a fantastic father/son gift set perfect for a birthday or any special occasion.

Kirk Edward Hinckley
The Bow Tie Club

March 17, 2017 by kirk hinckley

What makes a great Bow Tie?

People ask me all the time,  what makes a quality bow tie?  One simple way is to know who made it and where it was made.  Always buy from a quality company that either makes the bow ties themselves or at the very least oversees their production.  Many bow tie sellers have their bow ties made in China.  The problem is lack of oversight, how can you possibly tell if the seamstress cut the lining correctly or left just the right amount of border to the perimeter of the bow tie.  If you are not there to supervise the construction you really have no idea.  We not only make, but also design our bow ties.  The patterns are made to fit the size and shape of a bow and this care and attention to the product shines through year after year.  We are now entering our 24th year of making, designing and selling bow ties and we never stop learning our craft.  I hope you enjoy wearing these bow ties as much as we have enjoyed designing and making them!

Kirk Edward Hinckley, President

March 16, 2017 by kirk hinckley

What to Wear on Derby Day

Derby Day Bow Tie

We'll put it in the record books, our Derby Day bow tie was the fastest first day seller ever!  Maybe it's the bright and vivid colors of the jockey silks, or maybe it's the design perfectly proportioned for a bow tie or maybe its simply a lot of fun to wear! 
Some may think that horse racing is all about the horses, but for events like the Kentucky Derby it is all about what you wear! Ladies show off their beautiful dresses and fancy hats while the gentlemen wear dapper outfits with the centerpiece being a bold & beautiful bow tie! 
The Derby Day bow tie is not all that we offer for race day as we also have 4 fabulous horse themed bow ties that are sure to make your outfit pop! Race day is not the time to hold back and wear something sedate.  You need to break out a bold bow tie like Derby Day and show off your race day style.
March 09, 2017 by kirk hinckley

Stunning Stripes Bow Ties

Navy Red White/Purple Black Yellow Silk Stripes Bow Ties

These two new stripes are special in their simplicity. A stripe conveys a message of accomplishment and ability like no other patterned bow tie. You see a well-dressed gentleman in a striped bow tie and you immediately see a professional in a position of power. The smart looking stripe helps to establish credibility in the wearer. Of course, the striped bow tie is only one part of the outfit. To truly pull it off you need a crisp pinpoint, freshly polished shoes, nicely groomed appearance and a well-tailored suit, but the bow tie is at the center of this powerful combination.

Go to Beacon Hill Bow Tie

Go to Bradbury Bow Tie

March 01, 2017 by kirk hinckley

New St Patrick's Day Bow Tie

New St Patrick's Day Bow Tie Cashel


There are many ways to celebrate St Patrick's Day, you can put on a green hat, drink green beer or even spray paint your body green, but here at The Bow Tie Club we have a much more civilized way to celebrate and that's with our brand new Cashel bow tie! The Cashel bow tie was named after Rock of Cashel in County Tipperary Ireland, also known as St. Patrick's Rock(pictured above). The shamrock is thought to have gained its symbolism here. When St Patrick plucked it to show the meaning of the Holy Trinity during the conversion of the King of Munster from paganism to Christianity.

Go to Cashel Bow Tie

February 26, 2017 by kirk hinckley

Crimson and Regal Purple Silk Woven Bow Ties

Red Purple Silk Woven Bow Ties

For those of you who follow our emails know I am a big fan of solid color bow ties. The main reason is that they are so versatile. A more relaxed atmosphere in the workplace has lead to diversity in clothing which includes more casual, more stripes and basically busier attire. This diversification makes solid color bow ties an essential part of anyone’s wardrobe.
Today we bring you 2 brand new solids that create a strong and interesting pattern just from their weave. The complex texture of the silk provides visual interest, but at the same time the singular color allows greater flexibility in outfit pairing from casual to super formal. 
February 16, 2017 by kirk hinckley

Introducing our Constellation Collection

Taurus Collection

Tear drops, stripes and dots are the mainstay of any bowtiers wardrobe, but is that enough? Sometimes you just need something a little more imaginative and that’s where our brand new Constellation collection steps in! We design all our own bow ties so we can bring you something a little different, something that makes you look a little closer and starts you to pondering. These 4 terrific new bow ties are all the same pattern, but look completely different due to their color combinations. The starburst is distinctive on some and on others just melts right into the background. Buy all 4 and you have a really interesting set to wear all week long!

If you have been following us for awhile you probably know that the best time to buy our new bow ties is when they first come out since we reduce the price on each by $10, making them a true American Made bargain! In addition you can combine these introductory prices with our Buy 3 Get Free Shipping* and our Buy 5 Get the 6th Free** plus free shipping specials.

Bow Ties are the great conversation starter and especially if a little different and unusual. Break free from the standard and pick up a new constellation set today.
February 07, 2017 by kirk hinckley