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River Collection Bow Ties

June 05, 2018 1 min read

River Collection Bow Ties

They have everything you want in a bow tie, flowing movement to catch the eye, vibrant colors that compliment your outfit and most importantly, a uniqueness that will not go unnoticed.  The River Collection will make the perfect Father's Day gift or give yourself one of these marvelous bow ties!

 "Endless source of inspiration comes from nature, the design of this collection is no exception. Whether hiking along a small mountain stream, or trekking by the magnificent Great Falls, the beauty, resilience and strength of water never cease to amaze. Capturing the ebb and flow of water as an abstract design was the idea I started out with for this project, four color combinations were then created depicting the hues of water from different times and places. Now proudly presented to you as our summer 2018 River Collection."

—Corinne Hsu on "The Story Behind the Design"