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Brilliant New Stripes for the Holidays!

November 30, 2017 1 min read

Jewel Tone Stripes Bow Ties

Today we bring you 3 new striped bow ties that are perfect for the holidays and beyond! These bright and vivid colors are called jewel tone and this is important for two reasons. One, is that the brighter jewel tone provide terrific contrast to your outfit. Even if you are a conservative dresser do not worry about the brighter colors, when you put it in the context of a suit and tie it will be just right. Second, jewel tone colors work with all skin tones which is important since the entire bow tie is right there on your neck and close to your face.
Of course we love to celebrate the arrival of new bow ties with a great discount for you! All 3 of these bright and lively stripes are on sale at $10 off each for a limited time only! Each one deserves a coveted position in your wardrobe so don’t delay and buy your favorites today.