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The Finest Bow Ties For Men Money Can Buy

April 21, 2017 1 min read

Most bow ties for men are sold by two types of businesses, either large neckwear manufacturers who make bow ties from silks designed for long ties or very small crafters who use cloth from their local fabric shop.  Neither option is best for the bow tie wearer since the patterns were never intended for a bow tie in the first place.  

We are one of only a handful of bow tie design manufacturers.  This means we not only manufacture the bow ties but we design them as well.  When you peruse our website you can be confident that all our designs were intended for the shape and size of a bow tie, not a design originally made for a long tie or pillow or bed sheets or wallpaper!  That is a scary thought that one day you may walk into a room and your bow tie matches the wallpaper!  

Each one of our designs is conceived with shirts, suits and sportcoats in mind.  The colors, size of pattern and overall pairability is paramount in every creation.  This is why The Bow Tie Club is your one stop bow tie shop for any wardrobe additions, gifts or for that first time bow tie wearer who has just learned to tie a bow tie!  

Hope you enjoy perusing our bow ties for men or now more and more women are joining the bow tie revolution!

Kirk Hinckley, President