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Authentic Scottish Wool Bow Ties

October 30, 2017 1 min read

Scottish Authentic Wool Tartans Bow Ties


Today we have something truly special to share with you, authentic Scottish wool bow ties! So many Club members have been asking for wool bow ties and here they are in all their wooly glory. We did not choose just any wool to make our bow ties, but the best Scottish wool from hearty Scottish sheep.
Woven wool gives the bow tie warmth and character that makes even the simplest of designs stand out and be noticed. What can be simpler than a solid color and we bring you a whole collection of solid Scottish wool bow ties that are extremely flexible in any setting from a casual night out in jeans to a classic fall wedding. No matter where you and your new Scottish wool bow tie are going you should fit right in.

Solids are not all we present to you today, we also have some absolutely stunning tartan wool bow ties. These are not just any tartans but officially licensed by the Scottish Tartans Authority to be authentic to the pattern and woven from pure Scottish wool. 

As always, we like to celebrate the arrival of new bow ties with an introductory special and so the whole collection is on sale at $10 off each! These wools are presented in very limited runs so if you need something in a made to order size we recommend ordering now when the selection is at its best. Don’t wait, since the sale will be off soon and some patterns are sure to sell out!