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Yellow Pre-tied Bow Ties

Pre tied Bow TiesAll bow ties shown in this section are in stock pre-tied bows and ready to ship when ordered. 

Pre-tied bow ties are also available in almost any of our 500 designs shown throughout our website. Allow 10-14 days for us to make up any pre-tied bow tie not tagged as "READY TO SHIP".

Most pre-tied bow ties you can spot a mile away! The reason is that they are machine made bow ties where the knot is not real, it's just a piece of fabric wrapped around the tie to look like a knot.  Our pre-tied bow ties are actual self-tie bow ties that we individually hand knot and then our seamstresses permanently lock tight with an invisible stitch.  This way, even an expert bowtier would not be able to tell whether you tied it or knot! The second mark of a well made pre-tied is a quality hook and clasp to attach the neckband.  Our clasp is really something special with the look and feel of fine jewelry.

The difference between a machine made and hand knotted pre-tied is night and day. Once you try a hand knotted pretied bow tie you will never go back!  Our pre-tied bowties are second to none with their hand tied knots and gorgeous jewelry quality clasp. Try one of our exquisite already tied bow ties today and see the difference for yourself.


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