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Introducing our Constellation Collection

February 07, 2017 1 min read

Unique Bow Ties

Tear drops, stripes and dots are the mainstay of any bowtiers wardrobe, but is that enough? Sometimes you just need something a little more imaginative and that’s where our brand new Constellation collection steps in! We design all our own bow ties so we can bring you something a little different, something that makes you look a little closer and starts you to pondering. These 4 terrific new bow ties are all the same pattern, but look completely different due to their color combinations. The starburst is distinctive on some and on others just melts right into the background. Buy all 4 and you have a really interesting set to wear all week long!

If you have been following us for awhile you probably know that the best time to buy our new bow ties is when they first come out since we reduce the price on each by $10, making them a true American Made bargain! In addition you can combine these introductory prices with our Buy 3 Get Free Shipping* and our Buy 5 Get the 6th Free** plus free shipping specials.

Bow Ties are the great conversation starter and especially if a little different and unusual. Break free from the standard and pick up a new constellation set today.