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Reversible Bow Ties

Reversible Bow Ties

Some call them reversible bow ties, some call them 2-panel bow ties, either way we call them great looking!  The two sided bow tie gives you greater flexibility with literally two looks in one!  It's your choice of having one pattern make the knot and the other for the bow or vice versa.  One great reversible bow tie theme that appears throughout this collection is combining our ever popular solid satin with a patterned bow on the other side.  The solid color acts as a frame for the design and either accentuates or compliments the pattern.  Basically the solid color will make the design brighter, bolder and definitely more eye catching.  If you have never tried a 2 panel bow tie the time to start is right now with one of our in house designed American made reversible bow ties!

NOTE --Pre-tied and Clip-ons will be permanently set one way. Please indicate which way you would like the bow tie to look in the "Special Instructions" box on the shopping cart page. (i.e. pattern as face, solid color as knot; Blue pattern as face, yellow pattern as knot. etc)

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