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Modern Plaid Bow Tie Collection

June 03, 2016 1 min read

Plaid Bow Ties
Over the years customers have asked me what makes a great bow tie pattern. My answer is a bow tie that has familiarity with a twist. What I mean by this is a pattern that is familiar, but adds something a little different. The familiarity makes us feel comfortable with the design, but the “something different” grabs our attention! This familiarity with a twist is showcased perfectly in our brand new Modern Plaid Collection shown above! The plaid pattern goes back hundreds of years and is known and loved by everyone. The “something different” in these bow ties is a whole new set of bold and bright colors that make the bow ties stand out! 
These brand new bow ties make the perfect Father’s Day gift since every Dad loves a good plaid! 
Kirk Edward Hinckley
Founder & President