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Go Canada!

May 17, 2016 1 min read

Canada Flag Maple Leaf


This is one special bow tie, a Canada Flag design that is worthy of the country it symbolizes! That is an impressive statement, but one that we can back up! 

It all starts with creating a pattern that fits the shape of a bow tie. Every Maple Leaf we sell will have the flags centered perfectly on all four sides of the bow, no matter how you tie it you will have one impeccably balanced design that will look great! This attention to detail follows to the beautiful construction of the bow tie and quality of the silk. All the experience of handcrafting bow ties for the last 22 years has been put into these bow ties. 

The great country of Canada deserves this quality and you deserve one of these great bow ties! Click on the picture above to view the new Canadian design we call “Maple Leaf”!