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Elephants and the Tower of London

April 01, 2017 1 min read

Elephants Bow Ties

Elephants have always been awe inspiring animals and our set of 4 Indian elephant bow ties are no exception. Back in 1235 King Louis IX of France gave King Henry III an elephant from the crusades as a gift and it was kept at the Tower of London for public display. This was one of many animals the King received as gifts, but the Elephant was special since most people had never seen one before. Previously pictures depicted the elephant as a horse type creature with a long trunk! Unfortunately, the elephant did not come with feeding instructions and it was deemed appropriate to supplement the beast with a gallon of red wine everyday for the health of the animal. Alas, the elephant was drunk and happy but did not live very long. Even worse, nothing was learned from his demise and elephants housed at the tower kept receiving a daily ration of wine for the next 200 years!

Our elephant bow ties will never have to worry about red wine getting anywhere near them since spilling on a bow tie is almost impossible!

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