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3 Brand New Red Polka Dots Bow Ties

January 10, 2017 1 min read

Red polka dots bow ties

A polka dot pattern is a series of repeating dots on fabric, but why call it a "polka" dot? Well, most believe the pattern was named after the polka dance that was wildly popular around the same time the pattern was being introduced in the mid 1800’s. Many items of the day rode the polka dance bandwagon attaching the word "polka" to their products, such as polka-hats and polka-jackets, but only the simple and eye catching polka dot pattern survived with the polka prefix still attached.
Today we bring you 3 brand new polka dots of the red variety. We take one of the most pleasing patterns ever created and combine it with the most flexible of colors, red and the result is 3 must have additions to any bow tie collection!