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Mazzanti Red Bow Tie

November 18, 2017 1 min read

Red Stripe Silk Bow Tie

We were lucky enough to photograph this stunner on location in Verona Italy at Case Mazzanti, a 16th century villa situated at the crossroads of three ancient roman roads. Below the villa is Plaza Erbe which began life as a roman herb market. What makes Casa Mazzanti and the surrounding buildings on the plaza so special are the beautiful 16th century hand painted frescoes on their facades. The ones at Case Mazzanti are still visible and can be seen in the pictures. Verona was so famous for these colorful frescoes that the city was called urbs picta, that is, painted city. The beautiful house with its colorful façade gave us inspiration for future bow tie designs and a fitting place for showing off our newest bow tie. 

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