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Bavo Pre-tied Bow Tie

$ 48.00


In Stock

This in-stock PRE-TIED bow tie is READY TO SHIP. 

  • Standard 2-3/4" Butterfly 
  • Pre-tied
  • Fits neck size 15-18"
  • Hook and clasp attached to the neck band (see pic)

The big advantage of a bow tie over a long tie is where the focus of the pattern sits.  On a long tie the eye is drawn down towards the beltline whereas a bow tie lifts the focus towards the face exactly where it should be, especially if you are in a conversation.

The challenge of a bow tie is that it has a smaller surface area to tell its story so we use certain elements in the design to draw attention to the pattern. Some bow ties have great dimensionality or texture while others display larger patterns, The Bavo pulls out all the stops and showcases both detailed texture along with beautifully big teardrops taking full advantage of the surface area of the bow tie.  

The overall backdrop of the Bavo is dark grey with large teardrops of black gold and white designs.

  • Premium Woven Silk
  • American Made Bow Ties