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Who makes the best bow ties?

Best Bow Ties

What does the term best bow ties mean anyway?  Are you talking about the best designs, the best quality construction, the best service, the best place to buy bow ties?

Of course all of this goes into which bow ties are best.  After making bow ties for the last 25 years we have learned a few things about what makes a good bow tie so here goes!

First, lets look at the most subjective part of what is the best bow ties and that is design.  Some people love the conservative, some love quirky and some love bold and bright.  The best advice I can give any bow tie wearer is look for a supplier that has a good selection of diverse patterns so that you are not wasting your time going from shop to shop or website to website.  A one stop bow tie shop will save you time and money since you only need to go to one place.

Next lets examine the quality of the bow ties in terms of construction.  After working at Brooks Brothers, Nordstom and Joseph Bank clothiers I have learned that quality construction on the outside of the clothing usually means that quality and care was taken inside, the part that you can’t see.  For bow ties I would look for smooth lines, symmetry in the sides and sharp points.  These all show the skill of the seamstress and that they took their time on the bow tie.  Jagged edges, rounded points and non symmetry can be a sign of sloppy stitching on the inside which could mean seams coming apart or just general wearability issues down the line.

Service is a little different depending if you are talking about a physical store or online.  In a store look for a knowledgeable salesperson and one that cares about bow ties.  Online, find a retailer that stands behind their product and has been in business for awhile and again shows knowledge about the bow ties.

Lastly, who sells the best bow ties and where should you buy them from?  Of course my first answer would be that we have the best bow ties!  The main reason is that we are a fully integrated bow tie shop since we make and design all our own bow ties.  This really does make a difference since we learn so much from each aspect of the business.  Design keeps us current and up to date on what specifically a bow tie wearer wants, we are constantly making tweaks on   how to better construct the bow ties and finally as a family run business we are there everyday to talk with the customers and employees to make sure the product is something that we are proud to be associated with.  There will be times when you just need a certain pattern that we do not have and going somewhere else is the only alternative, which is absolutely fine with us, but most of the time we are confident that we can meet or exceed your bow ties needs.

If you ever have any questions about our bow ties specifically or mens clothing in general do not hesitate to contact me


Kirk Edward Hinckley
President & Founder

February 17, 2019 by kirk hinckley
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